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Careers Video

We teamed up with Airwallex to create a visual insight into their company culture and overarching mission.

“Awesome working with the WagiGo team. Incredibly responsive, quick delivery and very high quality. Looking forward to working together more in the future. “

Luke Jokovich, Marketing Manager of Airwallex

Going Global.

Airwallex facilitates global trade, allowing users to create foreign currency accounts globally so they can access interbank exchange rates between more than 130 different countries. For such incredible technology, Airwallex has a large and increasingly growing team. 

So it only made sense that their first flag-ship employee value proposition video was applicable to a global audience, in multiple verticals.

In partnership with Airwallex, we developed translations for their video content, and leveraged our production to create two different videos; one for a more general audience, and another with a specific focus toward technical engineers – helping attract, engage and retain better talent.

Keeping it clean.

Airwallex being new to live-action video meant that it was WagiGo’s responsibility to lead the way in developing a visual style that reflected upon its core brand principles and company culture. 

We arrived at an aesthetic that was professional yet fun, with clear elements of segmentation to reveal what’s most important, showcasing all the attractive work-life aspects for new applicants; from the nurturing team, to the open collaboration spaces, to the competitive ping-pong tournaments. Airwallex is a modern workplace for today, and our goal here was speak on behalf of the brand, and communicate that loud and clear.

Oxxy ❤️'s WagiGo

Airwallex is facilitating global business at enormous scale and simplicity. As their technology further advances, and the landscape changes with it, WagiGo will work alongside Airwallex to develop new content initiatives that keep customers and investors informed at every major step.

Project Summary

Wagigo’s Involvement